Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Happy PSL Day!

Hello! I hope you had a great Labor Day Weekend! I know I sure did- I decorated my house for fall! Woohoo! And what a great way to cap off my fall decorating with the official return of the Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks this morning! If you follow me on Facebook, you already know it was released last week in secret with the access code PSL10. I hope you got to take advantage of it! It's an exciting year for the Pumpkin Spice Latte as it is celebrating its 10 year anniversary! That's right, the Pumpkin Spice Latte turns 10 years old this year! And Starbucks is going all out to celebrate.

There are some cute collectible things like traveler mugs, gift cards, etc that are available in stores, and then there's this baby:

A Swarovski crystal encrusted coffee tumbler for the small price of $150. But don't worry, it comes with a pre-loaded $20 gift card, so that makes it all worth it :-) I am kidding about this being affordable, but if it's something you like then more power to you! I really like the ombre-style orange coloring to represent the pumpkin at the bottom, but I also think this is something I could make at home after a trip to the local craft store. But either way, it's exciting that the PSL is back and turning 10 and being celebrated so much!

And the fall drinks returning to stores means fall gift cards are back, too! The past 2 years they have had a beautiful brown card with leaves and brail on top. This year they have two different cards. A yellow card with a few leaves on it, which looks very Thanksgiving-y to me, and a PSL mini card (with a hole punched on top to fit on your key ring).

In case you were wondering, the PSL sauce is very good again this year. Sweet, spicy, pumpkiny, flavorful... like fall in a cup. There were a few years (circa 2008-2010/2011) where the sauce was very bland, not spicy, not at all pumpkiny, bitter and lacking in flavor. It just plain did not taste good at all. I always had to pair it with Cinnamon Dolce syrup to bring out some spice and flavor. However, last year and this year they nailed it- it tastes just like it's supposed to! If you find it is too sweet for you, just ask for 1/2 the pumps and that will not only tone down the flavor, but also the calories.

This is such an exciting time of year! It is the unofficial end of summer being after Labor Day, and we made it to the BER months! YAY! I saw Disneyland Halloween Time commercials on the TV just now as I was writing this and got so excited! As I predicted a few posts ago, the date for Halloween Time is Friday, September 13th! Only 10 days away!!! Sooo exciting! The first day of autumn is less than 20 days from now, BBW is in full-force with all of their fall candles, home fragrance, body care and soaps, and Yankee Candle released their Halloween stuff today! So much fun stuff going on and even more wonderful things to look forward to! I hope you all join in on the festivities! Feel free to share any fall fun you have going on in your lives right now, I always like hearing about how everyone celebrates.

Cheers to the PSL 10 years and to the beginning of fall!

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