Sunday, August 18, 2013

Music Choice: Sounds of the Seasons

This time of year, I always start getting anxious to hear festive music. One of my favorite ways to incorporate seasonal songs in my home is by listening to Music Choice: Sounds of the Seasons on my TV! They play a wide variety of songs, ad-free, 24/7 during seasonal timeframes. And they start early and keep it going for a little after the holiday passes, which pleases me very much as I like to celebrate the full season, not just the day :-)

Music Choice is available to many different cable TV users, so tune-in if you have Cox Cable, Time Warner, Comcast, Charter, Cablevision, Verizon FiOS, AT&T U-Verse, Grande, Service Electric Cable TV, CenturyLink, or Bright House Networks. I have Cox Cable, so for me,it is on channel 1933. Not quite sure what channel for other users, but I am sure you could easily look it up.

Here is the upcoming music schedule for 2013. Oktoberfest is coming up next, about a month away :-)

Sounds of the Seasons- Special music that plays to celebrate various holidays and seasons. The 2013 schedule includes:
  • Mardi Gras (first week of February)
  • Valentine's Day (second week of February)
  • St. Patrick's Day (third week of March)
  • Cinco De Mayo (first week of May)
  • Patriotic music (first week of July)
  • Christmas in July (third week of July)
  • Oktoberfest (late September through October 7)
  • Halloween (October 8 to November 1)
  • Christmas (runs from November 2 through January 6)
  • The Pulse (periods without a specific widely-celebrated holiday such as April, June and August, etc.) <-- For the record, The Pulse is NOT my favorite, LOL
Hope you join me in September to make your home sound festive and seasonal. Thanks for stopping by, have a great day!