Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Rainy Days and Feeling Like Fall

Today is just the most perfect day. I've decided I like to write the best when it's raining, as I think the rain is cleansing for my soul. And anything cleansing usually reveals something beautiful beneath it.

Today is a rainy day. It's a rainy day unlike most rainy days we've had. This one is special. It's the most calm rain I've seen in a very long time. Rain during the monsoon season usually means high winds, or at the very least, a gentle breeze, but not today. The trees are standing completely still, only moving to let the raindrops delicately kiss their leaves and then trickle down to ground. There is a calmness outside that is so soothing. It looks as if someone put the whole world on pause, just to let the rain come out and dance, uninterrupted.

The only sound you hear is the soft pitter patter of rain touching rooftops and gracefully landing on the ground, the occasional car driving by, lightly treading through the newly formed puddles in the street, and quiet rumbles of thunder off in the far distance. I feel so present being here among the stillness of nature allowing the gentle rain to come down and cleanse the earth. Today, the world just feels balanced, centered and like everything is just the way it needs to be.

It is so rare that we get a day like this in early September. The temperature is in the 70's, a cozy gray blanket of clouds is wrapped around the sky, soft raindrops are effortlessly falling down, and there is a clean, fresh humidity in the air. The kind of humidity that your skin and hair soak up but doesn't stay behind. The kind that makes every breath of air you take feel as if it is refreshing your body and renewing your soul. The kind that when you walk outside, the air instantly wraps around your body and fills you with comfort and peace. The best kind of humidity.

All of this has really put me in the mood for fall. It only seems appropriate to use this wonderfully rare day to get out my boxes and get some fall decorating done, so that is what I will be doing for the rest of the day :-) We are so lucky to have a day that feels like fall before the season officially changes, so I will be taking advantage of it. Thank you, rain, for being here today and making everything feel so cozy and warm. You are welcome here anytime.


  1. Lovely post! So descriptive I almost felt like I had been on vacation after I read it! Seriously though, it was a very soft and sweet rainfall and the world did seem a little calmer, if only for a few hours! Loved the day and your post!

    1. Thank you!! You are so sweet. I'm glad reading this let you escape for a little! Perfect day!